I am a stay-at-home-mommy. Shocker I know. 😉 But for us it also means one income but that has never stopped me from looking for outside the home opportunities for side income.

Disclaimer, I NEVER EVER rely on what I earn. It’s like a farmer’s harvest; you plant the seeds and you do the work and you expect an outcome but there could be a famine, there could be pest, the crop could fail. Same in the area of finding side jobs and not relying on that as your main source of income. So while I expect to be able to help my family out, I don’t rely on it at all. If I make $2 that month or $2,000 (uhhh yeah right!) either way, I count my blessings and figure out how to budget that, treat myself to a Starbucks if the funds are there and praise God.

There are many opportunities now for sahm to make a little extra income; babysitting, selling second hand items, house cleaning, online jobs, etc. I happen to be a firm believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket. Each season has its own rewards. Don’t plant corn in December and expect high yield. 😉

One of the many things I do is online surveys. You’ve heard a lot about them I am sure and I have done a few but there has only been one company that I have consistently been with for about seven years and that is Opinion Outpost (affiliate link)
They have the “easiest” way to do surveys, I qualify for more of them than any other and remember we’re pretty minimalist here so I don’t have a lot of electronic gadgets or go to movie theatres often or buy a lot of new things so the fact that I qualify for some of these is pretty great and if you do have more in that field than you qualify for more.

They have a minimum of $10 payout. The survey’s range from .50 a survey to $2 a survey. For every survey you don’t qualify for, you do have the option of trying to play the lottery for trying. I have won that once or twice.

I have tried Toluna, Pinecone Research and Inbox Dollars. I have read successful reviews but that has not been my personal experience.

So, this is my personal experience that I am sharing out there for other women/men looking around for extra ways to earn income and need an honest review on all the different income earning opportunities.