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It’s a new week. A new beginning.  Ok, technically that was yesterday!  I’ve tried to be the good spiritual girl and focus on Sunday being the beginning of the week but I tend to always give Monday the credit. Monday we go back to routine.  Daddy goes back to work and the house goes back to school, cleaning and life.

Sunday’s are wonderful, I love my Sundays filled with fellowship of like minded believers that lift and encourage one another and help us become more Christ-like but there is something about Monday’s that says “Lets make this week better than last week.”

So this is my week’s goals (remember I kind of follow Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom here)

Drink 100oz water daily
Remember to take my vitamin daily (tell me I am not the only one that forgets all the time?)
Books I want to read (at least 15 minutes daily)

Be up by 5:30 am every day
Daily- Sew, garden, and devotions with the Lord

One family activity this week
Write penpals
Read: The Fox of Lorne
Exercise daily

In addition to all that; Today’s accomplishments are;

1 loaf of Gluten Free Bread made
1 batch of Gluten Free Oatmeal Bran muffins
2 batches of Strawberry jam made (compliments of my wonderful jam maker!)Spring cleaning of the children’s room.
Homeschooling (and learning about lady bugs today!)
and getting the green peppers planted

Do you make personal goals for yourself?

This week’s Erin Condren layout;