It was one of those days, where everything just seems to go wrong.  I have much to be thankful for. Much has been blessed upon me. But the daily grind was grinding me into the ground.

First dentist appointments, the pressing list that keeps on growing, the children that need a mother’s care, a mother feeling guilty about the time she is not spending investing in her children, a house that needs looking after, and friends that need an encouraging word or two.

I felt like I was in a spinning top, round and round the merry-go-round goes. Children laughter one minute and wailing the next.  The battle fatigue began to sink in.

I kept disciplining myself, reminding how well I have it. I kept on thinking; “If I could just complete one task today!” how everything wouldn’t seem so overwhelming. But the day has come and gone.  The children are all fast asleep. Sleepy hands are creeping to the edge of the clock, or so a Lullaby in Ragtime says. I think its days like these where you just sit back and say, “Lord, the children are all alive today. Thank you for getting me through it.  Please be there tomorrow, same time, same place.

Hang on Mamas. It was never promised to us that this would be an easy journey.