Ok, so I am REALLY stepping outside my comfort zone here. Did I mention that I still have a hard time reading Song of Solomon… in private? So, to publicly write a review on having *that* talk with your children, my ears are burning just thinking of it. Did I mention that it is also my ninth anniversary? So why am I? What better grand opening to that statement then a book on teaching your children and because, as the book starts out it gives certain pointers to the parents, and one of the pointers is;

Be the source.

Yes! I agree. We are so bombarded with everything today that our children need US to be the ones to educate and “empower” as this book calls it. So, what are these books that I keep hinting on? There are three of them, they are put out by the company “EducateEmpowersKids” and what their focus is on is bringing the material to you so that you can go out and educate your kids in 30 days.  The three books are broken up into ages; the first book is geared towards children ages 3-7.  The second book is for children 8-11, and the third is for children 12 and older. What I liked; They are simply done. They give you the tools and you can pick and choose which section is relevant to your time and current child’s needs. In fact, in the introduction of the book it plainly states;

This curriculum is not a one size fits all. You guide the conversation and lead the discussion according to your unique situation.

The whole book is set up with bullet points and cute little characters. For the first book, ages 3-7, we approach the way our bodies are, the names of our parts, what we wear and why we cover up, we discuss appropriate behavior, what to do when we are uncomfortable and even how to think of others that may not want a hug or a touch. Not only is it teaching us bit also opens the door for thinking of others. Again, since this is left up to the discretion on the parents for how much they can open and talk about, I was able to pick and choose the things I thought my children needed to know, and other things that I could share later on. The book had a glossary which was super important to me. I love having the definitions to easily access in order to asses any situations and how to properly handle them. It’s just the way my brain works. I read on my own the older age books (8-12+) so I could gather information on what to be more informed and aware of. It is important for me to be aware and mentally ready should my child come to me with information, question or a statement within the sexual content of our generation. You can’t go into the store anymore without hearing nasty music playing and I’ve already had my daughter ask me what a “whore” is. I know that I won’t be able to shelter myself or my children from the realities of this world and I want to be there with an answer for the questions that are bound to rise and in this generation, they come sooner than expected. What I don’t like about these books; I’m a prude. There I said it. It’s very hard for me to be “open” about all this. Some of the things I kept shaking my head in wonder that a child so young would need to know any of this but as stated earlier, you treat this curriculum as a buffet, take what you need to fit your particular child. Would I buy these books? I think they were absolutely well done. Again, I liked the simplicity of it and the fact that it was more geared towards giving ME the tools to help my child and not a book I handed directly to them with a whole “ask me if you have any questions” kind of attitude. I loved that it was spread out so that it wasn’t everything all at once in their little minds. Part of me was like, “Oh let’s just get it over with.” and the other part of me didn’t want it to be all they thought of night and day and the way these series broke it out kept it at a nice even pace where questions could be asked easily that day… or several days down the road. So yes, I would! I also very much recommend them. See the series here.