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Searching for Sunday

In Rachel Held Evens book, “Searching for Sunday; loving, leaving, and finding the Church“, we are given a theory, from the author, on why many of our culture is leaving the Church behind. Rachel H. Evens shows us her past and her concerns with where the Christian culture is heading and why it isn’t working in our modern life times. She shares personal stories as well as many others from friends and followers. Rachel is a highly respected writer from her blog and Facebook page. Her articles are widely spread around the world and she really has a passion for listening to the voice of the culture and sharing with us the thoughts and motives of a lot of men and woman alike.

Searching for Sunday” goes through the different Church sacraments and dissects them into the traditions the Church held, how they came about, what the Bible tells us about them and her own person story and thoughts on the matter.

This book has many excellent reviews on Amazon, mostly by the culture that Rachel represents and I think it was definitely an eye opener for myself to understand where everyone is coming from and their thoughts on the matter.

Personally, I yearn to close the gap that is causing so many to leave the Church and reject CHRISTIANS rather than CHRIST. I grabbed this book hoping to be enlightened and to understand but I have to admit, I was so confused and even more soul searching. I cannot grasp what Rachel is trying to share. I am not a modern Christian in the “feeling” setting that so many are. I truly did not get past chapter 4. Partly I think its because I don’t feel the way many do. I have often been told I am very mature for my age and I think that causes such a barrier because I don’t experience all these things that my peers have. I tried skipping ahead to different sections and reading but I could not find the connection there and left even more confused. Not by what the Church has or hasn’t taught me, or what our culture feels or doesn’t feel but what God teaching is teaching us through HIS word and I just could not find that anywhere. I found verses that would support something but many more in my own personal research that didn’t add up.

In the end, I think I will try to stick with a more personal conversation with someone. I give this 3 stars because the flow is good, the writing is well done, but in so far as a book I can recommend- I couldn’t. There is so many other books I want to read that I have decided to retire this one and move onto those.