We were driving home from a activity my son had. I knew I had $10 in my wallet and I wondered to myself how far I could make it go. Just thinking of the salad greens and the almond milk we typically go through in a week is $11… I wondered if I could make something work. So, we headed to the grocery store.

The salad wasn’t on sale. $5 for the big container. Even comparing to the lettuce, it is still cheaper to get the bucket and it will last our family the whole week. The almond milk was 2 for $6. I miss the $1 off one coupons I use to be able to get. I had a $1 of 2 so I went with it. Upon further search of my wallet yielded $6 more dollars for a total of $16… could I get all our groceries for a family of 6 for that?

I grabbed a yogurt… I have the fixins to make granola for the children. I got another thing of lunch meat. Its not frugal but it does in a pinch when I need a quick meal for myself since I am doing the Trim Healthy Mama “diet”. I have a hard time with E meals so this works out great for me. I also grabbed a can of olives for our salad (can’t have a salad without olives!) and on the can of olives had a .55 cent of California Dairy product which took off my yogurt. The bananas I got to make banana bread for Sunday potluck.

My grand total came to $18.02. $2.02 over my $16. I did use my debit card to cover the remaining amount. If I had kept the bananas off the order I could have done it. So now, can we use what is in our pantry/refrigerator for the week?

Did you know that a “reasonable” amount to budget for your groceries is $25 per person per week? Do you think that is a reasonable amount? Could you or do you do it for less?