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Well, Friday’s post didn’t happen due to a yard sale we had. Sodbustin’ Saturday didn’t happen because we had family in town and possible downpour (we didn’t get any). So, here we are today.

I love a clean and orderly kept home. I mean, who doesn’t? The process to get there is long and daunting, not to mention completely overwhelming. I would start out by deciding to go through each room in the house and clean it from top to bottom with a fresh start, only to see the massive elephant before me and scour away to to my organizational self-help books. That is always the hardest part is it not? The doing vs The Knowledge. This past couple weeks, I had this crazy idea. I had heard it before, my mom threatens talks about doing this but I actually tried to come up with a more realistic way of doing this. Even now, I’m hesitant to post this, in case I set myself up for failure. I started going through the house with a view point of packing everything up and moving across the country within six months. What would I take? Do I need this between now and then? If I get rid of this, will I have to replace it before we actually move? Is there other item similar to this that can serve as a dual purpose? And there began my journey to downsize so much that I just needed and upkeep routine.

I have talked before about the whole “Fly Lady” system I do. After we had gotten rid of so much stuff and even in the process of getting rid of a lot of stuff, I noticed a change in everything. And it wasn’t just me that noticed, my husband (a natural cleanie!) began to drop comments like, “Wow. You did a lot today.” “This house looks really nice, Challice.” “I feel good about coming home.” Interestingly enough, I really hadn’t done a whole lot more in the realm of cleaning… I got rid of a lot which made finding homes for everything else much more manageable. I would love to say I had a more peaceful heart during this time, but the ugly truth is, I was Cruella DeVille at her finest! I saw a shoe left out and you would have thought the world ended. The clothes I took time to neatly fold in a manner worthy of the queen were shoved into drawers and that made me want to pull my hair out. Would it ever work out perfectly?

The real test came this weekend and today. We decided to have the mother’s over for Mother’s day for a light meal and conversation. Normally I am frantically trying to hide all the mess and clutter I have in piles everywhere but this weekend, my frantic-ness was in trying to prepare all the food within a couple of hours. Today, I woke up and realized that I didn’t have the Monday Blues when it came to mentally preparing my cleaning list for today. I have my zone schedule set up and I’ll be working along my Fly Lady routine to keep the house in tip top shape.

I feel like I have arrived at that place where I am not going to freak out if someone shows up unexpectedly for a visit. My home is not perfect. It will never be in a Magazine. But it is clean and that has been my goal for years now.

I have got it this way, now, can I keep it this way? Stay tuned! I betcha I do!