We were heading out of town. We are 2 hours away from the next big city where my chiropractor is. Its the middle of April and I had been doing really well on my whole “no spend” month. But here we were, there is a Target, and Michaels, and Kohls, and, and, actually that was the top three I wanted. So I took the funds that I hadn’t spent, I even took some from my little savings jar, and where ever else I could pinch without robbing Peter to pay Paul and we headed on out.

All the way down I gave myself the lecture of being content, staying frugal, and getting only what I need. I had cash. I didn’t use credit and it wasn’t going to be anything that would financially hurt us.

Kohls was our first stop. I was looking for a white ceramic travelers mug, flannel sheets, (We went through 2 this winter 😦 they did last us 5 years though. Can’t complain.) and towels. Bath towels were on sale $2.99. I had intended to pick up a couple more brown towels since that is what we already had but couldn’t find the right shade but then, they had white. Simple white. I got so very excited. My husband was all for it. Those of you know me reading this, yes, I voluntarily bought white towels!!!!!!!!! I also bought matching hand towels. But then we found plain white socks that were not no show that were affordable. I also found a set of PJ’s on sale! This is going to be very hard for me to admit but I actually had a panic attack at the checkout due to the total. My heart was racing as I saw the total. I handed over what coupons I had but it still ended up being over $100.00 It may seem like nothing but when you are living on one income and buy everything second hand, it was a really huge step. I kept thinking, “That is the equivalent two weeks of grocery money.” But then I had to step back and take a look at the whole picture. In 9 years of marriage, I have never bought new towels. So that would be like paying $10 a year for new towels (rounding of course). I can do that. It’s the big picture.

Does anyone else just have a really hard time buying jammies? It just seems like a lot of money for something I am just going to sleep in. Anyway, I won’t go into the whole physobabble about the importance of being thrifty and finding a balance but let me just say, it was good for me to just spend the money. To horde does no one good. To spend frivolously isn’t the answer either. I need to be able to except the fact that once in a while, it is good to loose a good chunk of money at a time.

This month was also a valuable lesson in how quickly the pocket change, the little things here and there, add up so quickly. Because of my “no spend” month, I was able to completely pay for a $200 dental trip for my son, another $1200 medical bill, without dipping into savings. No, that wasn’t just from saving what we already had, I did have to sell and come up with the the rest, but we did not dip into savings! And that is on top of the $100 Kohls trip I did.

Now, who is with me for a “no spend” month of May! I’m at it again!