Well, it’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit here folks. Yes, you read me correctly. Second day of May and I’m sweating over here while a turkey cooks in my oven, no cooler on, just surviving in my 95 degree weather. Yuck.

Yes, there is a Turkey in the oven. Yes, I did turn on said oven even though it was hot. No, I did not want too. Why did I? The turkey needs to eat. Food vs comfort…

So what is happening on the homestead? Well, we know summer is quickly approaching. I am enjoying all this greenery while it lasts, which won’t be much longer. I have my little garden bed up here by the house. The Kohlrabi is growing beautifully. Radishes are coming up in abundance. Cantaloupe, from our previous experience, is peeking its head through the ground. The basil is surviving and my cilantro is already going to seed! I planted peppers in the pots all around my bed… but funny thing, tomato plants are coming up!!!! So I don’t know if it is the volunteers from the soil or a mixed up batch of seeds.

David’s garden beds are doing beautifully. The tomato plants are becoming abundant in blooms and maters.

The swiss chard is finally going to seed! I feel like we have had that every night and even for breakfast every morning. It can get old. Good to note though, swiss chard does well here in the desert.

The zucchini plants are slowly but surely coming along.

What you see under this bed is carrots and garlic/onion. They are looking really well too. David did more of drip system idea. He still comes out and waters and night but is trying to get more and more into drop irrigation system.

In this bed, we have snow peas looking over the pallet fence aka “wind block” that we have built around this bed.

The peas are doing beautifully, more garlic (no that is not corn.) and green beans. Garlic is ready to harvest. Goodness, what am I going to do with all that?

Our final bed has beets, okra and ton of volunteer plants!

We have a huge mint plant that came up.

The tomatoes that came up voluntarily as well and a peach tree. I can’t even name all the plants that are in here. Some we will eventually pull up but in the meantime, it sure is pretty seeing all this green stuff.

Well, there you have it! It was so windy that I didn’t get to do a lot outside today… but I did spend an awful lot of time deep cleaning the kitchen…