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I’ve been wanting to plant cantaloupe in my lil garden bed. I love cantaloupe but I keep forgetting to buy seeds. Yesterday when we cut up one of these delicious melons I decided to “save” the seeds and plant them right now. Of course my kids looked at me like I grew a third head. “You can plant seeds like that?” Of course children! Where do you think they come from? Their lil eyes looked into the small shoe box that I keep all my seeds in. So, naturally, I used this time to teach them where seed origins really are from. Not a little paper package from the store, but in the food we eat.
It was funny to me how something I considered to be known as second nature, in their little minds they hadn’t quite made the connection yet. Have you ever had something similar happen at your home?
Actually, what is really interesting is that I felt a little bit like Willow’s mom here using life to teach!

If you would like to know more about Willow’s life and amazing journey, author Chautona Havig is having a summer read program for free! So be sure to hop on over to the link and pin it for further updates!