We have all this “free energy” here in the desert of sunny California.  I use it to line dry my clothes, grow some veggies all year round, and make my sun tea.

Well, here is my tea for today.  Chocolate peppermint my sister brought back from England and my personal favorite Lavender Chamomile Tea (found at the local grocery store but you can get some here).  I put about 6 tea bags in my half-gallon mason jars I bought myself last year for a birthday gift and fill it up with water.  If I am in an exotic mood I’ll add some lemon to it.  Then I place it outside, up high enough from little hands and let it “bake”.  Right now we are experiencing temperatures of 80F.

So here is today’s tea….


and here is today’s weather report…


Dilemma?  Weather report says 20% chance of rain.  I’ll believe it when I see it but in the meantime, cloudy with a no chance of sun tea.


Next time, I think I need to get one of these for my tea.  We just might put Uncle Si to shame with how much tea we go through.