It is not just something you see on Pinterest or a photo that gets shared around Facebook, this is my third year of making this fun little St. Patrick’s Day Snack.  Last year I did the whole marshmallows for clouds and rolos for gold but I am trying really hard to keep my kids healthy. Since this was inhaled within 5 minutes, I would say it was a success.

Is it frugal? Well, banana was .25 at Walmart
Cheese was 2/$1 and I got 4. They made up the pot of gold and the clouds.
Grapes were $1.99lb and I’ll use them as snacks all week.
Blueberries were the most expensive at $2.50 for 8oz.
Strawberries are $5 for 4# and I’ll use them as snacks the rest of the week.
Almonds are from Costco and they created our Mountain look.  (Optional of course but I intended on this being a lunch so I wanted the protein)
Oranges were something I already had on hand but I saw that they are rougly $1# and you would need only 1 so less than $1 for that.
Boiled egg for our cloud and sun.

So healthy snack/lunch (I served some lunch meat with this for some extra protein)
Gave new meaning to “eat the rainbow”.  I crack myself up.

So I would roughly estimate about $6 for this and it fed all four of my kids. 🙂

Anyone have any idea for indigo?