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I don’t actually know how to do a link up. But I stumbled across the podcasts and thought they had a wonderful viewpoint that I think everyone should hear.  They are all approx 20 minutes long.  I listened to them as I fold laundry, cleaned the kitchen and drank some coffee.

The podcasts can be found on Karen DeBuess blog,

She wrote a post on planners and organizing the other day and since I had just written all my posts (no! I am not finished ;)) on them I thought it would be good insight to read and listen. wow. Very inspiring.  Not saying I am going to change everything I am doing right now, its working for me, but I love how she got to the heart of the matter and that is where we should be focusing.

Organizational systems, charts and planners are not about keeping up with the latest trend or having a Pinterest perfect household, but finding a way that helps your household run smoothly so that the time doesn’t have to be focused on trying to catch up, but on spending more time together and building up one another and ultimately finding time to serve others and glorify God.


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