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Catchy title I know.  I’m sick this week. My planning posts have been put on hold.  I’ve been catching up on my Kindle reading and am happy to bring you a few books reviews that I have already had notes on.

First of all, I had no idea that this was book three. You get the feeling that there is more to the story but I didn’t feel like I was missing vital clues for this one. This is a new author to me. I will be looking for more books from Caryl McAdoo starting with the next book in the series (which doesn’t come out til May! GAH!)
This author did very well in showing that she is a Christian with faith, hope and love but I didn’t feel like I was reading Fordyce’s Sermons (fans of Pride and Prejudice should enjoy that). The characters were engaging and the book had plot twists that didn’t keep you dizzy but kept the story moving along.
The only thing I didn’t like about it was the whole scene where the heroine got saved. It just felt to rushed. Like the author had to wrap things up in a pretty bow to continue on with the story.
That being said, I highly recommend this book.
4 Stars.

Another book we have been reading is this one I requested from BookLookBloggers (formerly BookSneeze). It is the Duck Dynasty Children’s Devotional.
Confession, I requested this book hesitantly. We love Duck Dynasty over here. It is so much like growing up with my family… besides the whole gutting animals part but we had our share of those stories from my mother who did “enjoy” a life like that. As much as we enjoy them, I was kind of worried that this devotional would be dumb down. I was really pleasantly surprised. We haven’t finished this book yet but my kids are reminding me every day that we need to do Devotionals.
There are days that seem a little bit more watered down but as of our current reading, there has been nothing that I can find scripturally wrong with it. My husband and I aren’t really Disney fans so the reference for one of the Frozen songs as picture for the day’s devotion wasn’t wrong, its just not our thing. If that is the only complaint I have about it, then I am happily able to continue reading on.
Each daily devotion has a scripture (not always the same translation) and then a section with a story relating to that scripture. The story is usually centered around something that happened in the Robertson Household (poor Ms. Kay!) a prayer, and then a “commander in action” section that gives some thought on how to apply what they learned today into action.
I have no idea what kind of age to put this book at. I am reading to children from 10years old down to 1. The one year old is a bit restless but when I say, “time to pray” she will fold her hands and follow along.
I would recommend this to Duck Dynasty fans. If your children love the Robertson’s as much as mine do, this might be a good opportunity to have their full attention as you read from childhood lessons and experience with Biblical teaching and instruction. Even if you are not familiar with Duck Dynasty, I still would recommend this devotional. In fact, I may keep a spare copy on the shelf to hand out to friends that are always on the lookout for a good devotional with their kids. And that’s a fact jack!
4 Stars

The last book I want to write a review on is Karen DeBues’ book, Simply Homeschooled. I have followed Karen’s blog for a while now… I mainly stumbled upon her in my desperate search to find a simple way of homeschooling that wasn’t going to dumb my kids down.
When I saw Karen’s book- Simply Homeschooled, I have to say it was one of the first times I paid full price for a Kindle book… that being said, it is still on the cheaper side of the Kindle book price. 🙂
This book had me on the Preface page;
“I have always been a Little House on the Prairie girl at heart… longing for the simpler days of long ago. Truth is, life wasn’t easy back then. It probably was just as complicated, but in a different way.”
Amazing to think that I have often said the same thing!
There is so much I would love to quote in this book. The easiest thing I can say is, buy the book. It is not #1 best seller for no reason. Karen talks not only about simplifying our lives materially but also from the heart. It goes beyond physical clutter. We have all heard the talk so much but Karen gets down to a friendly chat with us an inspires me to continue this path of domestic simplicity. I can’t say enough about this book. Everything I want to write about just gives me more reasons to tell you that it will be the best amount you ever spent.

One Reviewer put it this way and I agree whole heartily;
This book is an amazing guide for our homeschool. It is so refreshing to read a homeschooling guide that tells me to do LESS with my children instead of trying to cram as much more in our days as possible. And by less I don’t mean lowering our standards, rather it means to find what is actually meaningful and worthy of our time, then focus on those things and eliminate the rest. The chapter on eliminating both physical and mental clutter specifically challenged me & I believe will be a great encouragement to all who read this book.

The constant reminder throughout the book to submit our plans, our curriculum choices, our schedules, our goals and each of our days to the Lord was a great blessing to me & really made me question where my heart TRULY is with regard to my family.

I highly recommend this book to both new and experienced homeschoolers. I wish I would have read this book before any others when I began homeschooling. So set aside everything else and give yourself a period of rest, this is a quick read that will alleviate much of your stress and provide much needed comfort for the weariness that homeschooling often brings. ~Amazon Customer

Just a few books from the bookshelf or in my case, under the covers while I am reading away whilst getting over this cold.

Til Wednesday…