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Organization: A blessing hidden in a curse. The thing about organizational systems is that it’s easy to create more than you can keep going. What is supposed to help you keep your life together can, if overcomplicated, become your nemesis and because of that I may have overloaded my organizational plate. I started off with a basic life planner and have slowly added in more—or tried to keep it slow and manageable. Needless to say, I’ve attempted to keep certain areas of my life separate in an attempt to stay focused and organized. My planners- My Erin Condren Life Planner I use this for daily life tasks. By that I mean that I use it for things I must not forget. It is my calendar on the go that doubles as my life scrapbook. I use this for the daily reminders and such. It is my brain dump.
Fauxdori- This is something new in my life. I started this in February. I use this for all my to-dos (detailed lists that wouldn’t fit in my Erin Condren) my menu, my reminders, my notes (things I want to do more on) and etc.
My prayer journal– This is actually based off of a youtube video I found. I wanted to be more intentional in my prayer life but just having no system doesn’t work for me. I need to set up “rules” for myself and systems or I won’t do things. I used post-it tabs to mark the sections and the more I used this, the more I see which ones are being used and which I’ll have to change. I can just remove the post-it out and use it elsewhere. Wonderful invention those post-it stickies! I started this in January as part of my New Year Update You kind of thing (spin off of New Year Resolutions ;)) I recently found this on Amazon and LOVED it. I have a calendar on wall and I write events that affect the family on it for my husband and children but its hanging high so it’s more for my husband. I love that there was space on this to write out tasks, chores, reminders, for all to see and I loved that there was room for everyone to have their own section. I was thinking about using this as a family planner. Well, my AWESOME Mother got this for me! Showed up on my door one day and said, “Here. Enjoy.” So this will be our first week implementing this and I’ll update on that further on. Other things I have to keep up organized is; Week Menu’s (This month is my pantry/freezer challenge. I try to do this every quarter so that nothing goes bad or rancid.) Homeschool schedule Each Day activities and responsibilities for the children (who also have gotten into the whole planner thing) Daily Routine- family and personal So, every Sunday, I sit down and set up my different systems for the coming week. To be continued…