“Make time with a God a priority in your life!” They said.
“Get up early and devour yourself in His Word!” They said.
“I’ll do it!” I said.
So I stumble to bed at 12am in the morning. Dishes washed. Counter still needs some cleaning off but the floors are swept and the last load of laundry is folded and I got my daily bible reading in so I could complete my check list for the bible in a year program
The alarm is set for 5:30. I feel myself fall asleep all motivated for the morning.
Sometime around 3am I hear a small cry “mommy?”. The 2 year old is beside my bed wanting snuggles. We try to put him back to bed but sometimes we are so tired we can’t even get up and when I say we I mean my husband cause he’s the strong one….. ….. ……
I wake up with a start 4:30am. I’m awake… I should get up. Why waste the opportunity but I know if I do that I’ll be grumpy the rest of the day from lack of sleep so I try to snatch another hour of sleep. It’s not hard to do.
The alarm buzzes. I wake with a start and jump over the sleeping child to the alarm. I’ll hit the snooze just once. 9 more minutes of sleep would be wonderful right now.
The alarm buzzes again. “Oh yeah, I wanted to read!” So off the alarm goes and I stumbled to the kitchen to heat up leftover coffee and look around for my bible. Oh yeah, I left it on the shelf in our bedroom… I am never going to find it in the dark and I don’t want to wake up the sleeping child.. Maybe I can find something online. So I sit down at the laptop determine to stay focus and do this thing. Before my fingers can finish typing in the search bar I hear a small cry for “mommyyyy”.
My eyes jump as I glance at the clock expecting to see more time passed than I realized only to see that it is only 5:44. She normally doesn’t waken until 6. So off I go to get my 1 year old. Maybe she’ll be happy with a fruit pouch and I can finish this in and feel like a good Christian.

I set her on the couch with a warm blanket and those wonderful creations that my kids love. Great way to get veggies in them if they are picky! And off the internet I pull up an article on a “15 minute devotion for busy moms complete with a free ebook”, that I could pick up too.
I start reading when I feel a tug on my flannels… Baby girl wants to sit on moms lap. Ok. This will be great, we’ll learn together just like Timothy’s mom and grandma. I start reading again… and the two year old stumbles out. He heard sister and wanted something to eat as well. Ooops I fed her the last pouch. The mad scramble to find something for this child that doesn’t involve much prep and is something he can eat (before you think “fruit” I’ll tell you that I have to be very careful with fruit for this child). Puffins! Ok. I grab a handful of puffins and place them on the table slightly scattered so he can’t stuff his face in one fell swoop. Where was I? Oh yes devotions… but that smell! Oh dear diaper duty first. There is still time! I got 8 minutes! So I change the diaper place puffins for her at the table and sit back at the laptop and read the suggested verse, I am about 2 sentences in when the eldest comes in and says “Mommy, I’m cold.” She looks it too. Hubby is up and doing his morning routine. He’ll start the fire soon. Its 5:56 but I sure got my verse in! So I grab a sweater and toss it to her and hope she wakes up a bit more before asking for anything else. And then I sit back at the laptop and wait for the next interruption. No seriously I did. I sat starring at that screen knowing that with three children awake before 6am that either the fourth would wake up or there would be some kind of catastrophe that would need my immediate attention. Before you could type that sentence out I hear a scream and “MINE!” only 2 feet away from me at the breakfast table. So dear Lord, my devotion today is to meditate on that verse, say lots of prayers, read the children their devotions and let it satisfy me because the in depth study that I would choose would go right over their heads so just pure and simple scripture. “And Mary kept all these things and pondered them in heart”.  I’m still growing in my Christian walk.  I am not where I want to be. I never will be.  Right now my devotions are the real life moments that make me pause and think about my beliefs and how to teach them to the children.  In all the daily life and the question the children ask, there is so much opportunity there for me to “ponder” these things and its the Christian walk lived! Sometimes I think we just need to take the Lord at His Word.

So, moms with littles that happen to stumble across my ramblings and this typed out post, I hope you will be encouraged.  Live as Christ has lived. Serve.  We all need refueling. THis I know to be true. Admist everything that there is to do and all that we have to do and never find time to do, find good rich worship songs/hymns to sing. You are doing the good work… We are raising another generation.  Finish today. Try again tomorrow.  Smile.
Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day. Psalm 119:7
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105
But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart. Luke 2:19