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Finding affordable Homeschool resources for the frugal family, can be an ovewhelming task.  Here are a couple finds from this morning, that I have personally added to my Kindle collection.  If you don’t have a Kindle, tip, you can read these on your computer.  Be sure to download the proper program provided free by Amazon.com

Margaret B. Pumphrey has created a wonder classic story of the time of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. Audience does not have to wait til Thanksgiving to enjoy the richness of the culture outlined in this wonderful 258 page fiction work. Great for history and literature study.


This book I just got on my Kindle.  I saw it in the discount and I have yet to find a biography of William Tyndale floating around in my thrift shop excursions so I am really excited to read this one to the children. It is a recent published book so no reviews are posted yet but it seems like it is part of a series written by various authors in the “Long Line of Godly Men Profiles” series.

This is a free resource book!  At the time of writing this post the cost is $0.00.  Prices are subject to change and for free why not try!  Again, JUST got this book so I have no personal feedback on it. It has an age level of 10 – 18  


All prices are subject to change without a moment’s notice on Amazon. I am an affiliate blogger. Your clicks earn me a percentage that helps the family budget! Thanks.