The great thing about doing what is best for your family is that quite often you will reevaluate what you are doing and if it works for you and if it really is what is best for your family. Recently this was in my budgeting and my groceries. I have tried to do biweekly shopping trips because I have read all over the web how that is the best saving tip out there. Maybe it is and I am doing it wrong. I switched to grocery shopping every week though because quite often I would make my menu, go grocery shopping for the two weeks and then when the second week came along a lot of the things I had planned were eaten. I can’t really blame it all on the kids, or even my husband. We work hard. I would even plan snacks out to prevent this but inevitably I would end up making a second or third shopping trip during the week or last minute have to come up with something new. That can get costly. Just sayin’.

I get my grocery ads every Wednesday in the mail. I look them over. I will then go to the fridge and the pantry and see what we should try to use up. I will write them down. Then I go back to the add, see what is on sale and see what we can incorporate into our menu.

We have a budget of $100 week for our family of 6. It seems like so much writing that out especially when I was at $40 a week at on point with the four of us. But the prices of food are so crazy right now. Approx $3-$5 a dozen of eggs! I don’t even buy beef anymore and that is not just cause it doesn’t fully agree with me but it really is just not frugal! I know I am not the only one that faces these kind of challenges. So hopefully you can figure what works for your family and what options you have available for shopping. We have 2 options here for grocery shopping. Since we are a gluten-free family and my husband has a serious diet challenge to help with his health sometimes it seems more costly then ever. For the record, we have always been gluten-free. You don’t have to buy special gluten-free foods. I don’t. I am gifted a lot because I have generous friends that give them to me when they are done but for the most part they just don’t fit within our frugal budget category.

So, that being said, I made inventory (dark brown tab), I made my menu (laminated sticky note pad from Studio Oh! . I like these because you can make a menu and then pull the shopping list off. They also have really cute designs available. Anyway, make my menu, write out the shopping list. If I have a coupon that will be useful, I am sure to note it so I don’t forget it. The “s” and the “a” tell me which store. Sometimes I put prices next to items that I may not necessarily need but are a good price. That way if I write it down and see that I don’t need it when I am in the store, I am reminded why I wrote it down. This is a relatively small list this week. I also get a vegetable box from the local co-op group for approx $40 a week. I have found this to actually be cheaper or about the same cost as veggie buying from the local store. The thing is sometimes its different stuff like rutabaga, Jerusalem artichokes (not really artichokes) turnips, etc. Thing you may not be use to cooking. I have liked it. I’m really learning how to use different vegetables and can barter a lot of my fruit for more veggies. I really do want to do the Pantry Challenge for February and use what is in the pantry as our main source. I like to do this before the hot weather comes because we loose a lot of our pantry stuff due to rancid and whatnot. Anyway… That is my plan for this coming week.

So, that is one reason why I don’t shop biweekly. It is actually saving us money in the long run I think. I keep trying to go back to biweekly every so often but for my stage in life this works great.