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I have all this stuff “pinned” on the popular website- Pinterest and I keep pinning and the “do” vs “pin” ratio is so far off the charts it can’t even be measured. This week I wanted to try a few of those “pinned” recipes and crafts, I “pinned” and see if they were worth even savings. I am here to share these results with you.

First up- Quinoa Chocolate Chip Muffins.
Recipe here.

I had to adjust these to make them GF friendly. I used 1 cup of rice flour and 1 cup of a all purpose gluten free mix. Left everything else the same. I wish I had remembered to add about 1 tsp of xanthan gum.

Verdict: They were all inhaled in a matter of minutes. I am super glad I found a resource to use up leftover quinoa. I will probably try to cut the chocolate chips out of it next time and maybe do some walnuts instead. You did NOT taste the quinoa at all. My husband could not grasp the fact that it was left over quinoa. He thought I had ground it up into powder or placed the seeds in it but just could not believe it was leftovers. Score 1 for mom!


The next Pinterest item done was an organizing tip.  I found one online and my husband made it fit our current wood cabinet door. You supposedly can find these easily at the thrift stores but I had no luck.  Note to self; figure out next project and start scouring for supplies!
Pin found here:

Really loving this already! I also have another Pinterest idea in mind which is to replace this current idea with THIS one. (Click link for idea)

Since our door does not have any handles, it’ll be a fabulous dual purpose!


NEXT recipe I will be looking at doing is Mrs. Criddles Mock Oatmeal Cookies (Trim Healthy Mama recipe!)