It is a beautiful morning. The sun rose and I finished up my early morning work and thought about my “quiet” time that I had prepared to do next.

I recently purchased a Ribbon book mark made by the lovely Miss Rachel, to help mark the different places in my Bible that I am using. Currently, I am doing Bible in a Year and we are all over the place in that and little slips of paper do not always make the best bookmark. A friend told me that what I was seeking, when I had made a Facebook request, could be found at this simple layout website. It was so easy to find what I wanted and a simple checkout.
The not-so-simple part was to narrow down my choice of ribbon.

I thought I would need the largest size since it was for my Bible (Large print) but however, it was too large and Miss Rachel helped me trim it down to current size but I do recommend looking into the correct size you will need. Response is prompt in my experience and very courteous and helpful.  The packaging was so sweet.  Instructions and helpful. Very professional feel.

I am super happy with this.  I slipped it between the spine of my Bible and was able to easily mark off the chapters I am currently using in my quiet time.  And who wouldn’t LOVE looking at those pretty ribbons?

One happy customer. Easter is coming up! Maybe a neat idea for the children.  OOOh, Mother’s Day!  Now that is a thought!  Pastor’s wife need a small gesture?

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