I love bartering. I love it! And, should you have any doubt, I love bartering!!!!!!!!!!!

Here you see, 1 can of homemade dill pickles, 3 garden fresh eggplants, and 6 garden fresh pears. This is from my kitchen.  I bartered for…

Plus 6 more still coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally got the better deal.  Eggs are gold in my homestead.  We eat them every day. Eggs are protein. Eggs are easy. Eggs are gluten-free.  We can easily go through a dozen eggs a day.

I will often get offers of cash as well. I am not opposed to cash but I love the old fashion feel of bartering.  I love seeing what we value more than what we have.  My friend was so happy with what she got and I was more than tickled pink by more fresh eggs.

Bartering has also a sense of friendship attached to it.  Not only do you look for what can help your family but you can also feel like you are blessing someone you love and care for as well.


Bartering. Do you do it?