Yesterday, I did a cool mom thing. I planned a birthday party for my son’s stuffed camel.
Stephen came to me with the declaration that “Tomorrow is Kiki’s birthday.” I did a total on the whim thing. Something I don’t normally think of.
“Would you like to throw Kiki a party? I can make some brownies.” His face was priceless. Like really? Mom? Are you serious? Actual brownies? Not fake pretend ones?
So I wrote it down in my Erin Condren planner (awesome thing btw) and told him it was done.

Tomorrow is now today. It was actually his elder sister that reminded him of his birthday today. The brownies are still on and Stephen made handcuffs as take-away treats. Pretty ingenious too, he took a Barret and two rubber bands to hold it. Yep he’s certainly my lil cowboy.

Part of me hopes that its the moments like these that will reap rewards when he is a quiet teenager and wants to talk to me.