Facebook has its up and downs for me.  One week I love it, the next moment I hate it.  I think what I dislike most is the fact that I need to learn to exercise self discipline and I am not very good at that. Well, maybe I should say, I really don’t want to do that.

In my effort to redo my life (seems like I have to do that each time we have a new addition to the home) I come across the blog posts of other seasoned mothers that share their tips.  I come across the godly woman that expresses herself in what she has learned.  I read of the homeschooling family that has found their niche in such and such subject.   All of these things are so true. You can see it.  What is frustrating is only being able to see the downside to life and forgetting so easily the good moments.

Each day is a roller coaster in my home.  One minute I am praising my 5year old for almost jumping a reading level and the next I am scolding him for dumping the trash into the next door neighbors yard instead of putting it in the trash can where it belongs.   One second I am dealing with a two year old and his tantrum, the next I am rushing out of the room to hold back my smile when he has done something naughty and is trying to charm his way out of it (smart cookie that kid!) One day the kids will come in with a big grin on their face and say, “Mommy! We’re organizing and cleaning our bedroom.” And the next day you go in and it’s like a bomb went off.

When rolling down the mountain with laughter is when I sit down and right the blogs posts with a smile on my face, finger in my suspenders and my pride next to me like a mountain of garbage.   When we get to the bottom and realize we have to trudge back up that hill is when I frantically look for the fix-it-all posts and write down everything that they are doing and prepare for a radical change and eat humble pie while I am at it.

I think it’s easier to feel like a failure than to except the fact that child rearing takes time. A super amount of patience, self-discipline and time. Time always has a factor in it too. 😉
Time, that precious commodity that is so easily forgotten in a whirlwind of a day.