You know the bad thing about having a blog? You have to keep it up. If you don’t your wonderful readers don’t visit anymore. It’s kind of the theory with the mail and the mailbox.  If you are not use to receiving mail so you don’t check the mailbox and to your surprise when you finally do… there is a handwritten letter just waiting for your attention inside.

Hello my readers.  Time has not stood still.  I spend every waking moment doing something for my family and my homestead.  The cycle of life.

I kinda went on break from coupon shopping. We had what we needed and to be honest, I am not even sure the deals are that great right now. I remember going to Rite Aid or Walgreens and coming home with at least 3-4 bags of items and now, I pick up one or two or three things here and there. I believe the good old days are behind us.  That being said, this was probably a good week in a long time.
I walked away with $12 in uprewards and paid $7 oop. I bought 3 shampoos, 2 chapsticks, 2 bath salts, 2 nail polishes, and have a raincheck for 2 mocha almonds that I will get for .50 a package.

Hubby started a new diet and we’re eliminating so much food that I am wondering if we’ll be going back to Eden and just eat herbs and vegetables… but even some of those need to be eliminated.  Let’s summarize by saying, this is a good recharge for the budget.  If you think eliminating foods would help the budget, thing again. Hubby needs lots and lots of fuel… and we’re talking premium grade now.

The gardening didn’t really happen this year.  We have some volunteer tomato plants as well as 5 pots with a couple-three plants in each pot.   I wanted to try blueberries in a pot too but sadly, I think our 102F weather is killing it… even in the shade.

The two chickens we have still are doing well. One thing I learned is that a chicken can brood even if there is no rooster.  No article or book I read ever mentioned that.  So here, I had a hen sitting in her box for days, looking at me evily every time I checked on the moody girl, wondering if our heat wave was killing her.  She acted broody so finally on day 4, I called my mother-in-law and asked her if it was possible.  Yep.  Someone needed to explain the birds and the bees to the dear one… and as I considered it my duty, so I did.  The next day she got off, no joke, and hasn’t gotten all queer on me since.  Time will tell.

Summer is coming to a close. We’re doing so well on school that I think we’ll just continue on as if it was normal to do such during the summer.  It is so encouraging to hear your 6, 5, and 2 year old reciting books of the Bible. Your older two learning to read and making it their ambition to read to the younger ones.  Little Ben picking up on mathematics and sounds and repeating it.


Yes, life has certainly been carrying on…