Recently, We received a copy of A Tale of the Say’s Phoebe by Rebekah Jones.  I thought this would be a very sweet story to have on hand and while I did think the drawings were amazing, I did have my doubts about the story.   I wondered if it would be a simple child-like story (example; See Jane run. See Dick and Jane run.)  but I wanted to give it a fair shot and I am so glad I did.

The children love the story.  It is told in simple language but engaging.  The story is about a Mommy Say’s Phoebe that tells her own chicks a story, a memory, of her childhood.

We are told that it is based off of a life experience the authoress had as a child.  This young lady authoress took a memory of her own and weaved a beautiful 28 page story, illustrated by her own sister Bethany Jones.

I gave it to my six year old daughter to read. She did need help but she was able to pick up a lot and read on her own. Now, would I normally hand this to a six year old? Again, depends on the child, but it worked well for our school room.

All in all, I am very glad to have made this purchase and I would recommend this to anyone.