barnhopimageI have been wanting to be a part of The Prairie Homestead’s Barn Hop for a few weeks now but just now finally getting the first post up.  Life. It happens.

Meet Mr. Scott and Kyle.  We love our chickens. LOVE them.  It’s gives my happy sodbuster heart good to see them pecking around and giving us that golden egg each day.  Yes, they are females and lay eggs although with their masculine names.  Children named them.  What can I say?

The garden is not going so well as I would have hoped.  I did plant tomatoes but we lost them all due to a hurricane named Benjamin.  The two-year-old muffin thought he would help find all the seeds and dumped our plants out.  Oh well. I do have garlic and it gave me an opportunity to buy plants and support a local business endeavor by a homeschooling family.

I did do a lot of scratch items though. I kept myself busy and included the children when I could.  I love these moments. I may be no Ma Ingalls but Rome wasn’t built over night either!

I made vegetable stock with all our vegetable trimmings that I saved, I made strawberry jam, and I learned to make my own hand soap by using a bar of soap, 1 gallon of water, and some glycerine (which we have had in the medicine cabinet for over 5 years. Time to use it up!)

TUTORIAL: How I made my own hand soap.
After searching around on pinterest. This one seemed the simplest and easiest to accomplish. Wonderful when you are mothering and teaching four children at home.

First I started getting all the water to boil.  My dutch oven pot was too small. Take note.

You need 30! cups of water.  Get it boiling. Do not pass go. Do not go onto the next step until this is going.

Next, grade your bar of soap. I used my bar of Yardley that I got for FREE with coupon sales on Black Friday.

Unfortunately after this point I couldn’t get any more pictures. But what you do is, once the water is boiling, you turn it off and let it get to hot instead of boiling.  Pour in your soap shavings and 3 TBSP of Glycerine.  Stir and stir and stir and stir.  Now, some people said to let it sit all night.  I couldn’t. I needed my soup pot.  So I poured them into my jars. They were pretty liquidy but they did get thicker just not as thick as soft soap. But they work well. We’re happy. I’m sticking to this.

So there is a snippet in our sodbustin’ day.