Well, there is something extremely humbling about adding your dirty kitchen photos to your blog.  Keeping it real folks. :S

Crystal Paine has been doing a series titled, 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home and each day has a challenge and a task to accomplish.  Assignment 2 was clean the counter tops and the fridge.  Thankfully, I had a bare fridge and had cleaned it out last week already.  But my counter tops! Oy vey! They are my catch all. I don’t keep them neat and tidy. 😦

So here is my after photo, I am proud to show!

Those dishes are clean. 😉

The hardest thing about living in a 770 sq ft home with 5 other people, is the stuff that quickly accumilates and there is no space so its evident everywhere.  The colored pictures, the coupons, the mail, the notes, the spoon here and teething tablets… they add so quickly!

I had to ask myself, why I was doing this. I would HAVE to change my habits if I wanted the organized home to stay this way… otherwise, once the 4 weeks are up, I’ll be back to my bad habits.  Commitment is the key. 4 weeks gives you a good time frame to get into a routine, habit, etc. but if you are not committed to following through this way and just want a fresh start, you can quickly fall into the home you started out with.

Being commited for me meant that I had to get the family on board.  My husband is naturally a cleanie and is super good at it… except for the piles of paperwork everywhere. 😉 But! “They are organized piles.”    I on the other hand like to take drastic approaches. Set fire to everything and start from scratch… but we are not the only ones living here.  The children need to learn responsibility and good stewardship… something that I think is lacking in today’s culture.

So, I got them involved.  I asked them what they wanted their bedroom to look like and then I had them go do it.  My daughter LOVES to organize.  My son, well, he’d much rather play fireman and Doctor Who.  Since firemen are neat and tidy, I had him play fireman bunkhouse as he cleaned the bedroom… kinda sorta worked. I didn’t really expect this to be an overnight day and night change for him.  My youngest son, once he gets in the mood to clean, he is terrific… unfortunately, my enthusiasm didn’t rub off this time.

But hey! we’re making changes for the better. This is a good thing.

Here are my 7 items I got rid of and the diaper bag and purse were cleaned out;

So, how do you tame the clutter in your home? Do you have a schedule/routine? Do you feel like your home is well managed?