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Refocus on the fight.

Ten years ago, when radical Islamist terrorists used three U.S. airplanes to kill nearly three thousand of our countrymen, America was angry. It was a focused and justified anger—one that generated clear objectives and a willingness to meet them. But that resolve has deteriorated so much that many of our nation’s top political and military leaders will scarcely utter the word that brought us here, “terrorism,” let alone the ideology that fuels it, “radical Islam.”

In The Fight of Our Lives, William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn examine the devolution of America’s post-9/11 tenacity and how this country’s well-meaning culture of religious tolerance, coupled with soft and apologetic political leadership, has placed us squarely in the pocket of radical Islamists who have made clear their intention to obliterate everything we value.

America’s devotion to political correctness has crippled its ability to accurately interpret and respond to the motives of its fiercest enemies. Unless we change course and re-engage the fight, the costs of our tolerance will prove tragic and immeasurable.

The Fight of Our Lives helps readers refocus, to reframe and understand the threats we face.

By surveying and explaining the current scene, Bennett and Leibsohn point the way to a future in which our enemies are properly acknowledged and firmly opposed.

This is a difficult review to write simply because Islam is a complicated issue.  Sorting out the various “degrees” of Islam and their implications is itself no easy task.

In The Fight of Our Lives, Bennett’s and Leibsohn’s focus is on “radical Islam”, its effects on the world in general and the U. S. in particular, and the shift in the response of America’s political establishment to the threat of “radical Islam”.  Rather than taking seriously the manifestly significant threat of “radical Islam”, America’s political leadership has instead adopted a posture of tolerance that increases Islam’s advantage while at the same time increasing America’s peril.

I gave this book 3 stars.   My opinions are my own and I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for my review.

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