I love my good friend, Marla.  She is real. She is down to earth real and a true friend.  We can have a space of several weeks, um months? of not talking to each other because of our daily lives and then realize we need a catch up day… spend a few minutes catching up in the grocery store and then realize again it has been several weeks since the last time we saw each other.  What a good friend!  I don’t feel like our friendship is in jepardy if we can’t talk to one another for some time.  We each encourage one another in our daily homesteading lives just by doing it.

Marla is amazing.  She is a teacher to highschool students and loves them with a passion. They all have backgrounds that make each of us cringe, but she loves them and works with them for a good education.  Marla is a teacher that brings life to the classroom.  And this, I have gathered just from what she looks around for her students and her classroom.

Marla is a wonderful mother. Her children are her heart.  She is interactive with them and they love her.

I love Marla’s dream for living off grid.  Just by seeing her bloglist you can get an idea of the life she looks forward to live… even so far as finding a small 5th wheel and traveling the world with her daughter.  She is working on her homestead now.  All the clever ideas she has and does with her husband to make it a working homestead is just so cool.

Why am I sharing all this with you? I really wanted to share Marla’s blog!  I am also encouraging everyone to find a post they like, should only take a few seconds. 😉 and drop a line to her, to encourage her to keep on writing!  Maybe we could even support her endeavors to have a paid trip around the USA and us living through her blogging.