Let’s take advantage of learning in the beautiful outdoors!  I truly think that they relaxed enough that they did their work amazingly.  It wasn’t so stressful trying to make sure you got all your answers right.   This is what homeschooling is all about- learning!

The girls are working on spelling and math.

No, I do not have a 18month old prodigy child. 😉  But, he does love to be involved in learning so he took the reading book and was trying to sound out the word, “SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT” (just like he heard his big brother doing a few moments before.)

Stephen had just finished writing out his letters and doing some reading so here he is listening to “Little House on the Prairie”.


If you are curious about the rug that I am working on… it’s still being worked on. 😛 Definitely a winter project… but Catie is already ready to crawl!