I needed a rug.  Catie-bug needs a rug. So, I am making a rug.

I found this tutorial on the web and I knew I needed to make one.  Colors is probably the hardest thing about this project.  I have brown walls with white curtains and a black couch.  In our 770 sq ft home, the living room doubles as a family, dining room, craft space, entry way, school room, and what have you.  We live in this space (hence LIVING room).  Ok, I’m getting sidetracked, ANYWAY, so, while something like a grayish blue that my husband suggested, it just wouldn’t go with ALL that is going on in here…. + the fact that I don’t really have that color lurking about in my fabric totes.   I really wanted to use the fabric I already have on hand, since, let’s be real now, I have a lot of fabric… 8 Rubbermaid totes, full, to be exact.  Oh. Yeah, that doesn’t include the flannel tote.  Ok, lets stop there.  Where was I? Oh yes, rug.  So anyway, I did check out the thrift store… yeah, no comment.   😛

I did pull out my browns and greens and that was a good compromise for both of us…. well, actually, I got the better end of the stick since I love greens and browns.


Right now, it looks like I am making a camouflage rug… but really, its a lot prettier than that.  This is what it will look on my ugly commercial tile floors…

And this is what it would look like on a nice wood flooring… that I will get…. one day. 🙂

I can’t wait til this is finished, the task can be tedious, sort of, I’m just braiding and adding on, braiding, cutting more strips, braiding but the goal keeps me going.  I have my companion of Inspector Lewis going on as well as sipping a cup of dirty Vanilla Chai tea.  If you add an espresso shot (or 3) to your Vanilla chai, they call it a Dirty Chai.  Interesting no?

Stay tuned for the finale!