Once upon a time, there was a young boy named, Stephen.  Stephen loved Thomas the Train.  Many hours were spent playing with the different engines and making up stories to entertain his sister with.

While there were many trains in his set, Thomas, Percy, James, Diesel, Spencer, Gordon, the young boy longed for a “complete” set.  He wished for Edward and Diesel 10.
Edward was received as a Christmas gift from his Aunt (unbeknownst to her that the gift card provided such enjoyment over purchasing such engine).   However, Diesel 10 would have to wait until he had saved up enough of his own money to buy it.

He had in his piggy bank 1/2 of what was needed.  He figured money was like the Widows Oil jug… it would keep on coming.   After a brief lesson in economics, it was suggested that he pray about it and ask God to give him ideas on how to earn the rest of the needed money.

Then, something really neat happened.  The next day the postman came.  The postman is a friend to these siblings.   They greet him everyday (under their mother’s watchful eye) and cheerfully take the mail from him to their mother.  This particular day, the encouraging postman gave each of the children a crisp $5 bill as a Christmas gift.  The children were very excited… but no one was more amazed at the answer God gave then their mother.   Who would believe that HE would work in such amazing ways?

The mother of course explained the importance of only accepting gifts if she was right there to oversee it, but more importantly, it was her task to show how God works in others.   She explained to young Stephen that God had answered his prayer to get Diesel 10 through the mailman.   I don’t think Stephen truly got it until it was explained that he now had the needed money to go buy Diesel 10.   I have never seen anyone’s eyes get so big and Stephen’s did.   His excitement was contagious.  He was so eager to go to the store and get it right away!

So, thank you, mailman.  Thank you for making one little boys day a very memorable one.  This is a story that needs to be shared.  Life is truly full of surprises.