So often its REALLY hard for me to pick out a favorite author… or a favorite book by a favorite author, Chautona Havig is no exception.  I think I go in spurts with her books.  Right now, Past Forward, is one I am relating too the most.   Maybe its because of my conviction lately about spending too much online and not enough investing in my children’s lives.

So, who is Willow? What does she have to do with this?  Why are you doing this?

Willow is the main character from Chautona’s book, Past Forward (check out the site for free release schedules.) Her story is unusual… to say the least.  She walks into town and to a police station and asks what she needs to do to bury her mother, and you come to realize that she has had very limited contact with what we today call, the real world.  She lives in a world that some of us only dream about or just want to watch on television.
She cans, butcher, sews, and anything else one would need to self sustain.  Need more fabric?  Not a problem, she takes plain cloth and paints her own unique designs.

Well, I wouldn’t go to the extreme she did but she has inspired some of the things I desire.  Her mother left our world to create this world.  She didn’t know anything.  She learned by reading and researching.  Why should ignorance set me back from the things I want to learn to do? (can my own fresh grown produce comes to mind).

There are many other things so I came up with an idea to do one thing at a time and just encourage myself knowing that this kind of knowledge and experience doesn’t happen overnight but with practice.

So, now you “know” about Willow. Buy the books (volumes and episodes are available for Kindle right now on Amazon.)

First up;  Get back into a regular habit of journalism.  Write down what I am doing with the kidlets in school, what I am doing to keep our home in order (ha ha right?), and how my relationship with Jesus is going.

So, here is my first Inspired By Willow project;
The first one made was the one on the left and the second was the one on the right.  These were easy to make using braided cotton line.  Found at Wal-mart, Kmart or Ace hardware.
So one is my fruit basket and the second is for a friend for her birthday.

next up, kids need sheets, so guess what I am going to do!?