The Lord must have been prepping me for what was to come.  If you read the blog post before this one, you will notice the date June 6th…. I will never forget that day.  Never.

After a very late dinner, hubby took Emma and Stephen to help him water the garden while I went to nurse Ben and lay down for a few minutes.

Only a few minutes after I laid down did I hear this loud deep bang and then our power went out.  The details would take longer than I have to type out but the short and simple story is, a down power line and it was dark so it was hard to see, it wasn’t noticeable at all… until my 3 yr old Stephen tripped over his two bare feet and fell back onto the power line.  It started arching and my husband who was right there managed to get Stephen off and to safety.  We waited for the ambulance to take us to our local hospital, but being in a small town, we were not equipped to handle burns at all and he was taken to a burn center about 2 hours away from home.

There we learned that he had suffered 3rd degree burns on both legs.  Electrical burns are not typical like other burns.  Electrical can cause problems that you can’t really see. He under went 5 surgeries.  He had both homograft (cadaver skin) and autograft (self skin). 

More information on our 3 1/2 week journey in the hospital through all this can be found on this page that a friend set up for us

I am writing this post because since all this has happened with Stephen, we have learned so much.  We have learned that God is there in the midst of all the chaos and confusion.  HE is there with a comforting hand on your shoulder.  Through the tears of rejoicing and disappointments, HE is there with words of encouragement through His words or people around us.

We have also learned to wait and be patient.  Things happen so quickly and not on your time frame when you are in the hospital.  One minute you are sleeping and the next they are waking you up.   It is hard to stick to a routine and schedule in a hospital (except for your medications).  It is so easy to get swept up and not sure when you will be able to make a phone call, update your family, or even just a few minutes to read the Bible and just take a breath.  But the verse hold true and His promise is always there,
“but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”  (Isaiah 40:31)

We faced some very difficult decisions down there.  On things we weren’t sure about, we earnestly prayed that the Lord would close the doors on the paths that were not part of His will for us.  It was all we could do at times, just wait for the Lord to show us where to go and what to do. 

Our relationship grew stronger between each other.  Things were definitely tense at times. But we knew that we would need to walk as one to get across the tightrope.  Being out of work for 3 1/2 weeks and together practically 24/7 we had a lot of time to just talk, to cry, and to pray together. 

It was also a very humbling experience for me, personally.  Being so thrifty, I can see now that it had kind of become an idol for me.  It had consumed my thoughts constantly, to be so frugal and tightwad and whatnot.  Being away from home and coupons and whatnot for over 3 weeks was difficult but an eye opener.   You realize some things just aren’t that important.  On the other hand, I was so very grateful for the time the Lord gave me, to build my stockpile.  We’ll be living tight for a long while. A very long while.  I have about a year’s worth of stockpile items at my fingers.  I could put away my coupons for a year and we would be ok (except of course for food and diapers.)  God has blessed me with that.  That is preparing for my winter season (Proverbs 31:21  Proverbs 6:6-8).  But don’t let it consume you daily.  Even if I did not have my stockpile, God will provide.  (Matthew 10:31)

So, again, I truly believe God was preparing me for what was to come that day.  I did not have my little girl with me for 3 1/2 weeks.  She stayed at Grandma’s house.  I did get to see her when my family would come down for a visit.  But the majority of it all, she stayed behind. 
I missed us not being a family together.  Sharing everything together. 

So, today, make a commitment to do something with your family.  Life changes in a split second.  It isn’t just some sappy movie.  Some heartbreaking post.  It is life. It is reality.  We are not in control.  We do not know what will happen.  Treasure your moments, and praise the Lord each day.  In grief and in joy, praise Him always.