As you can imagine, my time is full. 🙂  Between being a mom, chef, housekeeper, and wife, my days are full.

But they are days that pass too quickly by.  Blink, and you might miss it.

My days are full of reminders to enjoy the little ones.  Invest in them now.  Each day is a gift.  Do you look back at the end of the day with regrets? Wishing you had taken the time to play with your children instead of cleaning the kitchen for the fourteenth time.

Yesterday I had  that happen to me.   Big Ben had his feeding and I assumed he would want a nap.  I buckled him in the swing and set off to get my home in order.  He was fussy.  I gave him his pacifier.  He was still fussy.  I changed his diaper.  He calmed for a bit and I thought I would have my break.  I went back to cleaning.  He began to be fussy again.  Could he be going through growth spurt?  I picked him up and almost immediately he calmed again.  He didn’t want to eat, he just wanted some one on one attention and tender loving care.

It got me thinking on why we have children.  For my husband and myself, it isn’t to create statistics.  It isn’t to be able to brag on a large number of children we have and it isn’t because we don’t know what causes it.   We see our children as a gift God has given us.  A treasure to cherish and protect and give back to Him.   God has a purpose for each of us in life, we are not here by accident.  We want to help them and prepare them for that purpose.  To glorify God.  So if I am investing more in my home than I am in my children, what message is that sending to them?  And by the way, I mean a constant cleaning to the point where your children wonder if you/they/we do anything else…

One of those ramblings that floats around in your head for a while.

Be sure to take time to spend with your children.  Those will be memories they will remember and cherish.