Rite Aid last week 3/11-3/17
I had a $10 Up expiring THIS week (3/18-3/24) and didnt see ANYTHING worth using it on. I saw this deal for G.U.M, wyb 1 ($19.99 w/ 20% wellness discount) you would get a $10 UP. Well, I had $5 RA coupon and a $5 printable coupon = free ++ $5 savingstar coupon = MAKE $5. Since David has been having canker sores and whatnot on his gums, I thought it would be a deal worth trying. I needed .01 to be able to use my $10 UP so I bought 2 hot wheels @ $1.50/2 and received a .50 UP for those. Good lil something for Stephen since his sister got new socks this week. I never buy my kids new stuff so it was a special treat. ♥

KMART Super Doubles! MISSING*** 5 boxes of Lucky Charms that my sister bought. Here is what I did-
Ziplock bags 4/$10 (receive $5 catalina)
used 2 $1/2 mfc from SS 3/4) doubled = 4/$6

5 General Mills cereal 5/$10
Used 2 $1/2 doubled (see mycouponteacher.com for link)
used .50/1 from coupons.com

All Baby Detergent $2.97
Used $1/1 doubled from 3/4?

Chex Mix $2 (Free wyb $25 worth of stuff)

Dole Juice $2.79 (for Jr. Muffins arrival. My favorite nursing drink) (I thought by buying this I could use my $10 catalina from last week….)

OK so… $27.76 before coupons
$15.26 after double coupons
IF I could have used my $10 catalina it would have been $5.26…however, it wouldnt let me do it… still havent figured out why and since I dont know Kmart policy very well…I’ll have to do more research. BUT I could use my $4 catalina from last week so! I paid $11.26 (My sister paid $10 of that for her cereal!) and got back $5 for the spring cleaning (ziplock) +++ a $2 catalina for buying Ziplock! (BONUS!)

So I am very happy all around.

****HMMM…. My friend just called and said she did this EXACT same deal… and was able to use her $10 catalina from last week… I dont get it. *****

Rite Aid-
Started with $5.50 in UPS
Transaction 1:
2 Reach toothbrush $2.99/1 (Get $2 UP/1 limit2 )
used $2/2 printable (NLA)
1 Veet Hair removal $3.99 w/ 20% wellness (receive $1UP
used $2/1 printable + $2 in ad coupon
1 Aveeno lotion $2.95
used $2 in ad coupon (my favorite so a splurge for me Smile)
3 Carefree pantiliners $1.00
used 3 $1/1 = FREE
Subtotal $.42
received 2 $2 UP (toothbrushes) and $1 UP (Veet)

Transaction 2:
2 Stayfree 2/$6
used $2/2 mfc
+ $4 Up from transaction 1 = pay tax .44c
earned $2 UP