I confess, I get very uptight when it comes to “handmade/homemade” gifts.  I don’t just want to make something just so I have something to give.   I LOVE finding that “one” special gift that I think the recipient will love.   Most of the time, handmade stuff just doesn’t fall into that category.  I dont want to spend hours of time, effort, etc, into something that will not really be enjoyed or appreciated.

But this year we really dont have the funds to go and buy anything special.  But that is ok,  the Lord really is showing me to think outside my lil box.   You see, I am NOT all that creative.  Sure I can create…  but I am not creative.   I see things as they are… not what they could be.  I do not have that wonderful gift of seeing a piece of something and visioning a work of art.   If someone explains it to me, why sure! I can see what you are talking about… but to actually create it in my mind?  Nope.  Sometimes even my fingers do not cooperate and create what I want too. 😛  Its frustrating.  Its tiring  and it does not help my attitude in giving something.

But this year I am determined to ENJOY making the gifts for others.  In my previous post you saw the baby gifts I made.  I had fun.  I also made items I thought each recipient would enjoy.  Burp cloths may seem redundant but I know that they are more bright and cheerful and enjoyable than the towels that seem to forever fall off your shoulder and they are made out of soft flannel for baby’s face.

In January I made a birthday set for a boy turning 2.  I did not get a picture of it because I was strapped for time (baby shower going on at the same time) but it looks similar to the one my son is wearing here…

Shirt cost was $2 from a clearance bin at Walmart.  The fabric I had on hand.  It was either given to me or a remnant at walmart for less than $2.50  so for $5 I had a nice inexpensive gift…. and I had fun making it.

My sister’s birthday is in February.  She is a nanny with a purse that is never ending.  Seriously!  I have seen her pull everything out of that purse of her’s.  I figure that she would love somethings that would help keep it organized.  I used fabrics (in her favorite colors of course 😉 that I thought would stand out so she could easily find what she needed.

Tissue holder, earbuds holder, Scentsy Scent (cause she loves Scentsy) and a card.   The tutorials can be found by a quick google search.  Sorry I dont have the links anymore. 😦

My now-12-year-old brother is born in March.   Honestly, he was the hardest one.  What on earth was I going to do?  I didn’t want to sew pajama pants, he didn’t need any pillowcases,  t-shirt is out (Phineas and Ferb?) because I didn’t really know his size.   I kept debating the whole duct tape wallet idea.  Honestly, it sounded SO cheesy and SO “better than nothing” kind of gift, I almost just gave up and considered just pulling from our savings account to go get something.  But it hit me, that’s essentially what I was doing anyway with the duct tape wallet idea.   So why pull money out to do the exact same thing?  At least the kidlets could have fun helping me make the things (and I wouldn’t have to have their “help” in the toy dept at the store).   So I youtube’d a Duct Tape Wallet tutorial and pulled out the necessary items.   (there are 100’s of tutorials on youtube, we did the tri-fold wallet one)

You know what?  My kids had a BLAST making that for their “Uncle”.  They even begged to have one themselves.  We rounded up some change we had. Between my wallet and hubby’s junk drawer, we came up with $2 to put inside the wallet.  Total cost- $2 and a whole lot of laughter and fun.    Guess what??? My brother loved it!  Seems like he’s been wanting one… or so I am told.

The next birthday is my own… I hope to show you what GOD created for me by then… 😉