I am skipping the drugstores this week because there really is nothing that catches my eye.  However, I did take advantage of the 5 double coupons for Albertson’s I had… and I went on a day when they had their meat marked down! WOOT!

I spent all of this week’s money for groceries… BUT I saved a lot just in meat purchases. We havent been using as much meat in our meals just because of the prices lately. Thank you Albertsons for mark down meat!
Total Spent- 35.39 (and that also includes another package of meat I picked up for a friend)
10 pack of sausages for $3 x 2
Villa Roma Sausages 3/$1.50
Ground beef $1.75#
Organic Ground beef 1.5# $3
Activa Yogurt, $2/$5 – $2 coupons
DOLE pineapple $1/1x 4 = .50/2 doubled + .75c catalina = .31 a can! WOOT! I need this for Easter weekend.
Mountain High Yogurt 2/$5 – .50/1 doubled =$3/2