When I started out on my career track in college, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  That was my goal.  As far as I could see, teaching music was what I would do throughout  my life.  I think most of us start our adult lives with those kind of dreams.
What I didnt understand was that it is perfectly okay to change careers.  If I had gone from being a teacher to being a scientist, that would have been easily accepted and maybe even applaud.  If I had taken my teaching skills and changed from teching high school to teaching in some other form of higher education, it would have been considered very wise.  But to decide to be a mom, full time? Well then, I would be wasting my education.  Isnt that the way we think?  Isnt that the way some of our parents (who may have put us through college) think? Isnt that the message society proclaims so freely?” (Chapter 1 of Professionalizing Motherhood)

I have to confess.  I have had this book3? years.  I have picked it up to read it so many times and put it back on the shelf.  I dont know why.  Perhaps the title just seemed a bit off to me.  Like we had to prove that we’re just as good as the woman that work.

However, this book is a completely different tone than what I was expecting.  Filled with good practical advice for today’s stay-at-home mom or the mom that is looking into staying at home, this book gives you encouragement not to feel low about the so called, “low job” we SAHM sometimes feel we have, but the fact that our job is one of the most important jobs we will ever have.

I dont know how many times I would read a quote aloud to my husband and he would ask, “what are you reading? Can I write that down?”

Jill Savage took this book and divided it into four sections, 1- Shift your thinking, 2- Determind your strategy, 3- tools of the trade and 4- Establish your career training and development.

Each chapter gives you a section at the end with questions that you answer and begin to apply for you life.

I think what I liked best about Jill Savage’s book was the fact that while she didnt trudge down the job of being a mother, she didnt over glorify it to the point where you think its an easy journey.   Motherhood is hard work.  I truly believe that is one reason some women dont like staying at home, it is easier being in the workforce than being a SAHM.  But Jill kept it real,  she told of the challenges we all face, but also the rewarding moments we will have.  She told of the encouragement we also need to give to other moms as well as to our children.

Professionalizing Motherhood is another book that you will want to read and not be sorry you did.

Jill Savage’s website can be found here  and her book is available from amazon.com