Albertson’s, Spent $0!  😀  I went around the neighborhood asking for any extra Double the Value coupons they were throwing away.  I got 4 extra sets! 😀 I like to put Zone Bars in hubby’s lunch for extra protein on my skinny man.  Savings of $8! 😀

Rite Aid-
3 Stayfree feminine pads $3
used BOGO coupon -$3
used 2 $1/1 (PLEASE NOTE: I am posting that I used 2 because it does reflect what I spent out of pocket BUT I messed up.  I should have been able to use 1 $1 because the BOGO coupon is on 2 items which leaves 1 item left for coupon use.  I didnt realize that I had 2 coupons stuck together (must have cut them out together.))
Paid with 2 $2UP
Final cost $0 + tax (I dont know what tax was because I was with my brother and he bought stuff so he paid for the items and tax since my cost was $0)
earned 3 $2 UP

Transaction 1:
Synergy $10
paid $10.41 w/ tax
earned $10RR

Transaction 2:
1 CoQ10 $10
1 Daily Omega 3 $15
used $8RR from Blink last week
and $10 from Transaction 1~
Paid $7+ tax
earned $25 in rebates.

Inside the box of the CoQ10 was a $4 coupon.  If I take my reciept back with the coupon I should be able to get $4 back for the coupon.  🙂

So I went about $10 over my weekly budget but I have $25 coming back soon so I hope that it will arrive before the end of the month.  Walgreens I wouldnt have even bothered this week except hubby was interested in the free-after-rebate items.  I figured I would save us some money buy (pun intended) doing it through my coupon shopping. 😉

For GROCERIES! (yeah, cant live off of supplements unfortunately)
We did the $25 a week experiment and it just doesnt work for our family.  So for the next couple of months, we are trying $35.  Spent $10 and change (had some in my purse) at the Farmers Market for 8 carrots (that are all gone now), 1 stalk of celery, 6 potatoes, 1 hothouse cucumber $1.50, 1 asparagus for my sister $2.99, and 4 zucchini.

Albertsons I bought chicken Salad from the salad bar (cause I am PG and starving right now so this is something that would be quick and easy to pull out of the fridge for a bit) $5 0_o I obviously was looking at the wrong price tag or something.  Cottage Cheese $2.79 (used a 25c off coupon) 2 Feta Cheese 2/$6 used $1/2 doubled = 2/$4, 1 yogurt 60c – 25c coupon = .35 for Sunday protein, 3# of chicken @ $1.79#, 1 # of bacon @ $2.49#,  Free pasta wyb $10 of groceries catalina,  4 oranges 2#/$1, 4 Avacados @ .59c#, Banana’s @ .69#

I believe I spent approx $25.++ at Albertsons because I remember going WHEW!

Our Menu coming up.