Febuary’s reading is Jill Savage’s book, Professionalizing Motherhood.

I confess that this isnt the first time I started reading it but it is the first time I am really taking the time to read it for the book it is rather than to get another book checked off my reading list.

I am really enjoying this book AND my husband asked me to write down a few things for his reference (since I promised to send this book to a friend of mine when I am done reading).   Since I have to type up the quotes anyway, I thought I would share with my readers some of the things we know are true but a little reminder once in a while seems to be a gentle nudge to get us back in the right direction. 😉

“The Urgent matters of life are those that demand our immediate response, the things that constantly bid for our attention.  They give no consideration to what is presently being done. They include annoying interruption at the wrong time for the wrong reason and the pressing needs of people around us.  These are the urgent matters of life.
While the urgent continually begs for our attention, the important keeps silent.  It patiently waits for us to take notice.  While the urgent seeks us, the important waits to be sought. The important aspects of life take discipline to perform, while the urgent are accomplished on impulse. 
We live in constant tension between the two, dont we?  Filling the needs of the moment causes us to become weary.  WE blame hard work for our anxiety. In reality, it is not hard work that produces stress, but doubts and misgivings about what we are doing.  We have become slaves to urgent.”  Page 50

What is important in your life right now?  What is urgent?  What will you do today?