Over the last few years I have read countless organizing/decluttering tips, books, blogs, articles and more.  I have clipped, saved put into practice several of these principles.

What I like about Tsh’s book is putting most of these principles into one book, into one mind frame.   Why do we crave a simple life?  Define what you think of as simplicity?  Is it your stuff neatly organized in all these boxes? Or does this stuff simply not need to be a part of your life?

The book is centered around the theme, “What is the purpose of your home/life/family”?  Its not just a home organizing book but a life changing commitment.  Is your life overwhelmed?  Is your finances out of order?  Does your home get neglected because your life is just too chaotic?    Tsh does not just tackle the surface (your home) but your life.

The book is divided into 2 sections.  The first being getting your goal in mind as well as some simple pep talk and soul searching, the second part is application.  Putting what you have thought out, written out, and applying it into a 10 day declutter/deep cleaning project.

I think that this book is a good useful book to have.   It was a simple and enjoyable read (I mean how many of us can really say that about organizing books?) .   It gave my husband and myself ideas, it put us in a good frame of mind.   Instead of being discouraged about all we want/need to do it was more of an encouragement that it is attainable.

Tsh Oxenreiders book is available in spiral book bound on Amazon (what I have and I love cause I can leave it open and write down with the page in front of me. ) or for Kindle (which I do not own. ;))

Tsh Oxenreider also has her own blog- Simple Mom.