One of the challenges I gave myself was trying to do a complete handmade year for gifts.  It will not always work out but by planning and thinking ahead I hope to have a really enjoyable time doing this and expanding my horizons… so to speak.

I attended the first “party” of the year on Saturday… a baby shower!  One of four to come.    It was a wonderful time of fellowship and getting to see other ladies that I havent seen in a while and rejoice over the birth of another wee one from the Lord.

It should be no surprise to those who know me that I made burp cloths!  I love these!  (And there was a gal there that was a recipient of another batch when her lil one was born and she was excited to see Momma-to-be receive them.  It kind of makes your day you know?)

I make them using a pattern my mom helped me create with Emma!  I use prewashed and dryer-dried flannel in whatever fabrics speak to me. LOL.  The prewash AND dryer create the softness, take out the chemicals, and preshrink it.  Flannel shrinks.  Sometimes quite badly.    I used a simple blanket stitch around the edge and while through many washings it does create a bit of a fuzz look, it never unravels too badly.

OF course, along with each gift comes a card.   I didnt have my paper cutter as it was out on loan but I did have a pre-card cut out and with a little creativity I came up with a simple card…

Unfortuntely, yesterday was kind of a hard day for me so the birthday party we attended I didnt even get around to taking pictures.

I had a cute peasant dress that I had previously made. Very full skirt so A+ on the twirl factor, a card that I had previously made and I included the 3 Nancy Drew books that I picked up at the thrift shop a few posts down.

Next up, nephew birthday!