In no particular month order (it’ll be whatever we can afford)

1. make Sushi

2. Make a Plarn re-usable bag -

3. Make Gluten-free noodles (I want to make my own noodles just once. My mother-in-law does the whole wheat ones and lawd have mercy they are so delicious in chicken soup. YUMMM) since we’re gluten free I thought it might be a fun experiment to make them.

4. Make dishcloths or something out of old tshirts. I think you had a link on this at one time.

5. Knit a scarf using Alpaca wool. (I’ve started it and believe me, it’ll be an accomplishment if I finish this!)

6. Make re-usable snack bags

7. Build a chicken coop. Have yet to find plans I like though.

8. Sew my children’s stockings this year.

9. I wanna learn to make cute kids bows

10. Zip it up coin purse.

11. Make plastic scrubbies using the sacks from avacados, onions, etc.

12. Make crocheted ornaments for ornament exchange this year.