There is a $2 Pull Up coupon available in addition to the $2 Pull UP coupon on the Huggies website! If you have been able to find a good deal on PullUps now would be the time to get as many printed as you can.

Right now at Rite Aid they are $9.99 with a $1.50 Video Value Coupon available from last month (Nov).
Savings Star also has a $2 coupon that you can download to your Rite Aid Wellness Card for an additional $2 off (once you acculmilate $5 in savings they will Paypal you the $5 you saved in clipping coupons to your savings card.)
+ you can use the printable coupon! Taking $5.50! off your package of pullups for a total of

Best deal I have seen in weeks.

Good price!