In the middle of finishing up my Christmas cookies, I was trying to finish my BIL and SIL gift that I need to get in the mail….

I did OCT this way because these are going to my BIL who is a Pastor at a Lutheran Church.  In remembrance of Luther’s nailing of the 95 Thesis. I thought he might enjoy it this way rather than the traditional pumpkins and whatnot…

So about here is where I get a phone call from my sister Braelyn asking me if I am bring the children over that night.  I couldnt understand why she thought I was coming over. Said no I wasnt planning on visiting MOm and Dad tonight.  “No I meant the gift exchange at the C- (that we have every year)”  :thud: “That’s tonight!? No one told me!”  “uhh yeah, its at 5.” (At this time its about 2:00PM)  :nb:

So I did a rush on what I could do for gifts.  I am so happy with how they turned out!
Both of these are college girls.  For the younger one

Reversible Market Bag

Nice for a college student who doesnt need much groceries eh? 🙂

Eldest girl
BTW- I knew she loved Granola and likes healthy natural food so…

Dried Fruit for the almost all organic/natural granola mix and 2 dishcloths for the other college student. SO much fun to make.

So I just now got the last four months done for the calender…

And off to do more… How is your Christmas gifts going?  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and all. 😛