With a new baby coming in the spring and a new van paid for but still paying for in repairs… We are ended up with a simple but yet fun Christmas.   This year I and the kidlets have been doing a handmade Christmas once again.   Its been challenging coming up with fun, unique, but enjoyable Christmas gifts.    I could knit everyone and their brother dishcloths but I know some people wouldnt use or enjoy them so why make them?

The picture above I totally copied from my friend Angel, I did Advent words here.  These will be for my in-laws.  They always need more magnets.

I also custom made some for family members.  The one flipped over is privacy protected. 🙂

This was made for my pen-gal in Scotland.   I am not a crocheter and this was lovingly made.  What you see is before I blocked it.   It looks better now.  I have to finish uploading another picture.

And these were some easy Peanut Butter Blossom cookies made for our local fire dept.

I also made a gift for our family members but to protect their privacy I am not going to post the picture.   I used their last name as a basis and I created a Scrabble looking thing based on their names.  I’ll upload a pic of a simple idea so you can get a picture.  It was loved by all!