I had a lot of RR’s expiring this week and really didnt see any deals that made me excited so I based it all off of stuff I needed.

Transaction 1:
Ricola Cough Drops $2 get $2RR
I had a $2RR from the Listerine deal 2 weeks ago.  Used that and only paid .15 tax

Transaction 2:
EmergenC $13.99 BOGOFree (Walmart is $10.99 so I figured for an extra $3 I got another box)
Ricola Cough Drop $2
Betty Crocker Muffin mixes $1 ea
2 Crest toothpast 2/$7 (used 2 .75/1 mfc from P&G)
I had 2 $4.50RR from Schick Razor 2 weeks ago, $2 RR from Always Pads and $3RR from Cottonelle.
Paid $12.04 out of pocket (I need to return the Betty Crocker because they did not ring up right)
and I recieved $5RR from Crest, $2RR from Ricola.
So Breakdown is
Spent $12.19, Saved $36.45, $9RR leftover. Not bad for a bad coupon week.

Today I went back for some more needed essentials

Transaction 3:
Ricola Cough drops $2= $4
Used BOGO – $2
Paid $2.29 (tax)
got a $2RR

Transaction 4:
2 doz. eggs $1.39 doz
1/2 gal. 2% milk (to cook with) $1.89
Hunts Tomato Sauce .33 w/ in ad coupon
used 3 $2RR
paid .01!!!!! WOOT!