Well, I did everything that I mentioned in my previous post, except I did not use my .75/1 mfc on top of the BOGO coupons.  My friend did and I am so glad she was able to save money but I was told I couldnt do that (and I have been told before) so I didnt push the issue.

I did have a $10 up from the Kimberly and Clark deal a week or two ago so I used that to pay for everything in 1 transaction.  I also had a raincheck for the Bayer Asprin $2.99 with $2.50 in coupons.  I didnt get rewarded the $1 up but that was ok for me. 🙂 I have a really hard time with rainchecks so I was glad this went so smoothly.

So total breakdown~
Paid $3.98 (+ Tax $2.39) and got back $5 Up, $2 Up and $2.99 rebate check! WOOT!