Well, I had an unexpected break there!  I really didnt labor so long on my last post that I had to rest my fingers up…

Ok is anyone picking up on the subtle hints?

Yes,  this blogger has been too tired to do anything but eat and sleep.  Coupon shopping is almost non-existent.  I havent really done anything worth talking about.

I have however started my children with their schooling.

We have learned a lot, but its all baby-steps.  I dont have any curriculum I’m using at the moment we’re more learning basics so I figured that’s “easy” enough.

Since we’re on the subject of school, and one of the first things I get asked when I’m pg is
A) How far along are you?
B) When are you due?

So lets play some math.  The answer to A is 9 weeks Sept 16.  When am I due?


Last month I did very well on the $100 a month challenge.  I only had $100 for that month and I didnt have to pull from savings at all to get us through that month.  I have no receipts or anything to tell me what I spent but it had to have been within the mark.

This month I did a big shopping trip the first week.  Spent $83.22 and bought a lot of items to make several freezer meals.   Since I am PG and have noticed a HUGE intake in my diet; while I am not trying to be spend beyond my means I’m not doing the $25 as much.  I’m trying to stay under $40 for all 5 of us (yes, I eat for the baby now. :P) I havent been able to do as much bartering either.

The garden has pretty much all passed away.  The fall garden has been planted but it will take a while for it to produce enough.

God is so good.  And to HIM we give thanks!